​Quiz for Teog

Quiz for Teog



1. A :  I have dandruff problem and I want to get rid of it. What should I do?

   B :  …………………………………………………………………………

Boşluğa uygun olan seçeneği işaretleyiniz.

  1. You shouldn’t drink fizzy  drinks
  2. You should shampoo and rinse your hair
  3. You should eat spicy food
  4. You shouldn’t  wear make-up

2.  Doctor : Your skin is ______________ . You should use moisturizer cream.

a)  too smooth      c) too oily

b) too dry             d) healthy enough

3.  A : Why do you fail in the exam?

     B :………………………………………………………………… .

Aşağıdaki seçeneklerden hangisi boşluğa getirilemez ?

  1. I  don’t listen to my teacher carefully
  2. I don’t  study daily
  3. I don’t take good notes
  4. I don’t miss classes

4.  Carol : I listen to my teacher carefully .

     Frank : _________________________ . But it is not enough for me .

    Carol: Do you take practice tests ?

    Frank : No , I don’t. I hate them.

Boşluğa uygun olan seçeneği işaretleyiniz.

  1. I don’t listen my teacher carefully.
  2. I listen to my teacher carefully,too
  3. I don’t take notes, either
  4. I hate studying lesson.

5. A:  I have trouble in Science. What should  I do ?

    B: ______________________________.

Aşağıdaki ifadelerden hangisinin boşluğa getirilmesi yanlış olur ?

  1. You should get help early.
  2. You should study ina quiet place
  3. You should do practice tests
  4. You should study the night before exam.

6.  “Turn the electronic devices off and don’t answer any calls while you are studying.”

Yukarıda verilen açıklama aşağıdaki ifadelerden hangisinin açıklaması  olamaz.

  1. Give yourself a reward after long studying.
  2. Concentrate on your studying.
  3. Focus on your studying
  4. Motivate yourself on your studying.

7.  Mary likes making new friends and going out with her friends. What is she like?

Aşağıdakilerden hangisi  “ What is she like?” sorusuna cevap olamaz.

  1. Mary is an outgoing person
  2. Mary is a generous person.
  3. Mary is a friendly person.
  4. Mary is a sociable person.

8. Jennie : What does  Harrison look like?

   Murphy : “He is 1.89 metres tall. He weighs 96 kilograms .  He is good at basketball . Because he is _______________.”

Boşluğa uygun olan seçeneği işaretleyiniz.

  1. handsome               c) good-looking
  2. well-built               d)  overweight          


9.  Elif: “You can tell your  secrets  to Selma without any doubt.”

  Ceyda: Why?

   Elif: Because , she is really a trustworthy person.

 Altı çizili ifade yerine aşağıdakilerden  hangisi getirilebilir.

  1. honest                  c) sensitive 
  2. talkative               d) reliable

10.  “ looking forword hearing from someone” means  ………… .

a)  making people laugh

b)  giving suggestions or opinion

c)  being happy if somebody writes soon

d) being unhappy if somebody writes soon


11.  “giving somebody a piece of advice” means  …………… .

a)  giving orders

b)  giving suggestions or opinion

c) taking something from its owner

d) returning something to its owner


12. “driving somebody crazy “ means …………… .

a) having a close friend

b) making people happy

c) making people angry

d) having a false friend


13.  Aşağıdaki seçeneklerden farklı olanı işaretleyiniz.

 a)  popular / unpopular     

b)  modern / old-fashioned

c)  successful / unsuccesful

d)  good looking / handsome

14.  Mary : I can’t believe in my eyes. Are you Sally? 

Sally : Oh, Mary. _____________________

Mary : I’m happy  to meet you again, too. Let’s  drink a coffee and talk  to each other.

Boşluğa uygun olan ifadeyi işaretleyiniz.

  1. What a  nice to see you !
  2. Oh my God!
  3. What! Are you Joking?
  4. How Amazing! You ‘re ill !


15.  The Tortoise : Are you in a trouble  Mr. Rabbit?   I can help you  immediately. What’s your problem?

Mr Rabbit : ____________________ Are you joking?  You are too slow to help me in a few minutes.

Konuşmada boş bırakılan yere aşağıdaki ifadelerden hangisi getirilemez.

  1. What a pity!  
  2. Don’t make me laugh!
  3. That’s all right!
  4. What a shame of you!

16.  “I had  a __________ last night. It was so frigtening that I couldn’t sleep well. “

  1. sweet dream          c)  scared      
  2. nightmare              d)  daydream


17. A: ____________________________ ?

      B : Yes, I do.  But I know I must work hard and  I must be calm and confident .

Boşluğa uygun olan  seçeneği işaretleyiniz?

  1. Do you believe your dreams come true?
  2. Do you remember  your dreams when you  wake up?
  3. How often do you  daydream?
  4. Do you have dreams at nights?


18.-19. Ve 20. Soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayınız.  

Snow White was sleeping in a bed in a small house in the forest. While she was sleeping , the  seven dwarfs came home.  They were little men. When they saw her, they said :”Good heavens! Is that a princess?”. Snow White woke up and saw lovely little men. She explained about the Queen and the dwarfs felt sorry for her. Soon, they made friends easily and they lived happily. In the mornings, the dwarfs went to work, but Snow White  stayed at home and she tidied the house.

Sadly, the Queen  learnt she was alive and she came to the little house in the forest. Snow White was in the living room when an old lady knocked at the door. The old lady gave her a red apple.  When Snow White ate the apple , she fell down. Because the old lady was the Queen and the apple was poisoned. When the dwarfs came home, they couldn’t save her.

After that, she slept in her bed. One day a prince rode a horse in the forest. When he saw Snow White , he fell in love with her. He said : “ How beautiful she is!” He could save her and  they got married. They lived happily ever after.


18. Dad : _________ when the seven dwarfs came home?

     Jane :  She was sleeping.

Boşluğa uygun olan ifadeyi işaretleyiniz.

  1. Why did Snow White go to the forest
  2. Who was sleeping in the little house
  3. What was  Snow White doing
  4. Was Snow White sleeping


19.  Dad : Who  did Snow  White see when she woke up?

    Jane: ______________________ .

Boşluğa uygun düşen ifadeyi işaretleyiniz.

  1. The  old lady
  2. The seven Dwarfs
  3. The Princess
  4. The Queen


20 . Dad :  Why did Snow  White fell on the ground ?

     Jane : _______ . 

Boşluğa uygun düşen ifadeyi işaretleyiniz.

  1. She ate the poisonous apple
  2. She saw the seven dwarfs
  3. The princess kissed her
  4. She fell in love with the prince

Author: Erdem OVAT