13.Unit Quiz

13.Unit Quiz


13.Unit  Quiz

I like talking with foreign people. I’m not afraid of making mistakes. I’m good at ………

1. Boşluğa aşağıdaki ifadelerden hangisi getirilmelidir?

  1. Reading                         c)  Writing
  2. Speaking                       d)  Listening

I get stressed easily  when there are unknown  words in the text. I’m not really good  at ………

2. Boşluğa  aşağıdaki ifadelerden hangisi getirilmelidir?

  1. learning grammar 
  2.  looking up dictionary
  3. guessing the meaning
  4. taking notes

3.  Ali doesn’t like talking in front of the class. He gets  stressed easily. So he is a bit nervous.

Altı çizili ifade yerine aşağıdaki ifadelerden hangisi getirilirse anlam bozulmaz?

  1. many                         c)   too
  2. enough                     d)   a little

4.  Aşağıdaki ifadelerden hangisi anlamca diğerlerinden farklıdır?

a)  I don’t think we should focus on grammar.

b)  Personally we don’t worry about grammar.

c)   I think grammar  is good to learn rules and  not to make many mistakes.

d)  I think grammar is not  iportant to learn a language well.

5.  Sue : Frank thinks we don’t have to speak a foreign language well, but we can use it when we need it .

Darren:  In other words , ………

Boşluğa aşağıdaki ifadelerden hangisi getirilmelidir ?

  1. He thinks  speaking is the most important skill to improve your foreign language.
  2. He thinks learning a language means to speak it very well.
  3. He thinks it is enough to speak  a foreign language when it is necessary.
  4. He thinks we should speak a lot to learn a language better.

6.   Rose : As an adult, I think grammar is necessary.

      Sally : I agree with you. …………..

Boş bırakılan yere aşağıdaki ifadelerden hangisi getirilemez?

  1. Vocabulary is more important for me.
  2. It makes conversations easier.
  3. It is good to learn grammar rules.
  4. It helps us to develop our writing skills.

7. ve 8. soruları aşağıdaki maile göre cevaplayınız.

14-Oct-2008   09:07

Moonlight 14                     Join Date : Oct 2007

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Re : ………………………………………………………………… .

Dear Akira ,

       If you’d like to improve vocabulary in English , you have to practise a lot . I’m afraid  there is no magic spell. But there are a lot of effective approaches.

      First, you  should read short stories, comics, newspapers and magazines in English and you should watch movies in English. While you’re reading or listening, you should guess the meanings of the words  from the context. Second, you shouldn’t miss any chance to listen, read,speak and write in English. So, you can practice every new word. Finally , keep a vocabulary notebook and write down a few words each day. Don’t forget to revise them later.

Personally, if you don’t use the new vocabulary, you lose it. I think 10 new words a day is okay.

7. What is the title of this mail ?

a)  Different ways of learning  a second language.

b) Difficulties of learning a foreign Language.

c)  Problems of learning a second language. 

d)  The reasons of learning a second language.

8.  Metne göre aşağıdakilerden hangisi söylenemez ?

a) We shouldn’t focus on meaning.

b) We should use multi-media materials

c) We should take notes when we learn new words.

d) We should do practice  with the new vocabulary.

9.  Sammy : I prefer to play games in order to improve my vocabulary.

Adriana : ………….. Playing  games is not a good idea because you only focus on the game, not to learning.

Boşluğa Aşağıdaki ifadelerden hangisi getirilemez?

  1. Absolutely right!
  2. I don’t think so !
  3. I disagree with you!
  4. I don’t think it is true!

10. Mary : For me , we should use multi-media materials to  improve our English.

Jane :  …………..  I  think they  are the best way to  practise and develop your  English.

Boş bırakılan yere uygun olan ifadenin bulunduğu seçeneği işaretleyiniz.

  1. That’s impossible!      c) No  way!
  2. I completely agree !    d)  Oh my goodness!

11.  Mary  likes small group works. She doesn’t get stressed easily and she is always self-confident . She is not afraid of making mistakes.

Yukarıdaki verilen açıklamaya göre  Mary hakkında aşağıdakilerden hangisi söylenemez ?

  1. She takes risks  
  2. She is willing to communicate
  3. She is keen on learning
  4. She is  bad at speaking

12.  In this course , teachers   listen to their  students carefully and patiently.They use their experiences for our progress . Finally, they care about their students progress seriously.

Yukarıdaki açıklamaya uygun olan seçeneği işaretleyiniz.

  1. Language learning should be great fun in the classroom.
  2. Teachers give guidance and motivate students.
  3. Teachers  are  rude and  nervous.
  4. Teachers  are pleased with their students.

13.  “Some people learn a foreign language on their own .” They ……. .

Boşluğa uygun olmayan seçeneği işaretleyiniz.

  1. write e-mails or chats on the internet
  2. go abroad  in order to learn a language
  3. get help and guidance to learn a language
  4. use many multi-media materials

14.  “ They learn a foreign language the way they learn their mother tongue. They focus on the meanings of the words and they don’t be worry about grammar.They make friends with foreigners.” 

      Yukarıdaki açıklamaya  uygun olan seçeneği işaretleyiniz.

  1. They  learn  a foreign language  naturally.
  2. They  learn a foreign language in the same way.
  3. They learn a foreign languge in a class .
  4. They learn a foreign language  difficultly.

15.  “ Different people learn in different ways. There is no best way to learn a language. Each different way suits different people.”

Altı çizili ifade yerine aşağıdakilerden hangisi getirilebilir ?

  1. goes with                    c)  improves
  2. concentrates on        d)  practises

16.  Aşağıdaki ifadelerden hangisi yanlıştır ?

a)   If you prefer to learn language naturally, you focus on meanings of the words

b)   If you grow up in a foreign country, you learn the language naturally

c)  I think language learning should be a great fun.

d)  If you want to learn a language on your own, you don’t have to be self-disciplined .

17.Akira : For me, playing games is an easy way to improve your vocabulary.

Adriana : “  I don’t think playing games is a  good  idea to improve your vocabulary. Because you only focus on the game, not the learning.”

    Yukarıda geçen konuşma  hakkında verilen bilgilerden hangisi doğrudur?

  1. Adriana is sorry  about playing games.
  2. Akira expresses her surprise about games.
  3. Adriana disagrees with  Akira.
  4. Akira  apologizes for  something.

18.  Akira agrees with  Adriana  about using multi-media .  

Yukarıda verilen açıklamaya göre  hangi ifade Akira’ya aittir?

  1. I  don’t think so. We  don’t have to speak very well.
  2. I disagree with you. We can’t learn a language without any help .
  3. Personally , we  should learn rules to learn a language.
  4. I completely agree with you. We should read stories and magazines in English.

19. A: “ What should we do to improve our vocabulary?”

      B:  We should ……….. .

Konuşmada boş bırakılan yere aşağıdaki ifadelerden hangisi getirilemez ?

  1. practise a lot
  2. use multi-media materials
  3. miss any chance to speak
  4. write down a few words each day

20.  “  Personally , if you don’t use the new vocabulary ,you lose it.”

Yukarıda verilen ifade hakkında aşağıdakilerden hangisi söylenemez ?

  1. We should listen,speak,read and write a lot in English.
  2. We should keep a vocabulary notebook.
  3. We shouldn’t forget to revise new words.
  4. We shouldn’t practise every new word.

21.  Adriana :  We should read stories, comics, newspapers and magazines in English .

        Akira : We  should watch movies in English, too.

Yukarıdaki konuşmaya göre Adriana ve Akira hakkında aşağıdakilerden hangisi söylenebilir?

  1. They think we should speak  a lot in English.
  2. They  think we should monitor our speech.
  3. They think  we should use multi-media materials.
  4. They think we should take risks and test our skills in English.

22 – 23- 24. Soruları aşağıdaki metne göre cevaplayınız.

15-Oct -2008 , 15:04

Catwalk                                Join Date : June 2007

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Re : Problems of learning a language

Hi, Adriana

……………………………………………………………………… I appreciate it very much!

I agree with you . We should read short stories, comics ,newspapers and magazines in English. I’m  sorry but I don’t agree with you about games. For me, playing games  is an easy way to improve your vocabulary. I don’t think we should recognize our learning process while we’re playing games. I think ………………… .  I have to get back to work now.



22.  İlk boşluğa aşağıdaki  ifadelerden hangisi getirilemez ?

a)  Thanks for your  suggestions!

b) Thanks for your opinions!

c) Thanks for your ideas!

d) Thanks for your apologize!

23.  Parçada ikinci boşluğa aşağıdaki ifadelerden hangisi getirilmelidir?

a)  we should learn in a funny way

b) we should focus on rules

c) we should  miss small details

d) we should  memorise them

 24. Parçada yer alan son boşluğa aşağıdaki ifadelerden hangisi getirilemez?

a) Best wishes                c) Best regards

b) Bye for now               d) My dear friend

25.  “When , we learn a foreign  language, we should have fun .”

Altı çizili ifade  yerine uygun olmayan seçeneği işaretleyiniz.

a)  We should learn a language in a funny way.

b) Learning should be great fun.

c) We should feel happy .

d) We should make people laugh.

26.  “If you want to learn a foreign language well, you should _____________ your learning process well. ”

Cümlede boş bırakılan yere uygun olmayan  ifadeyi işaretleyiniz.

  1. focus on                c)  concentrate on
  2. go  with                 d)  monitor

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