2018-2019 8.Sınıf İngilizce 1.Dönem 1.Sınav

2018-2019 8.Sınıf İngilizce 1.Dönem 1.Sınav


 A)Fill the table correctly. 10 pts

I watch Diriliş

We have lunch together

I chat online.

I help my mum cook.

B) Make a sentence by using “prefer” according to the marks.Tabloya göre tercih cümleleri kurun. 10 pts

1) I………                                                                                               ß electronic music – x rap music

2) Gomis…                                                                                           ß rock music / x classical music

3) Ece …                                                                                              ß wear casual clothes / formal x

4) They…                                                                                             ß read novels / x story books

5) Salih and I …                                                                                  ß eat hamburger / x pizza


C)   Doğru seçeneği yuvarlak içine alınız. 10 pts

1) Why don’t you come / coming to the party ?

2) How about eat / eating out tonight?

3) Shall we meet / meeting tomorrow?

4) Would you like to read / reading comics?

5) I like  watch / watching ‘söz’ tv series.


6) I am going to play volleyball/ watched next weekend

7) Ali walks/ is walking to school every day.

8)What about listen/ listening to rap music?

9)Would you like/ like to  some bagels?

10)Selda like/ likes Galatasaray.


D)Aşağıda verilen kelimeleri uygun boşluklara yazınız. (10)


E)Read the sentences and write which sentence you can use to..(5×2=10pts.)

  • invite someone
  • refuse an invitation and make an excuse
  • accept an invitation

  1)  It sounds great_____________________________________________________

  2)  I’m sorry but I can’t, I must study english._______________________________

  3)  Would you like to have a beach party in Samsun?_________________________

  4)  Cool.I’d love to____________________________________________________

  5)  How about going to shopping mall?_________________________________________


F)Read the e-mail and answer the questions.(5×2=10pts.)

Dear Bahadır

 It’s my birthday on 29th October and I am having slumber party that night.We are going to watch movie and eat popcorn.I hope you can come.

Time: 19:00

Place:In my house

Selena Gomez                



1)When is the party?


2)Where is the party?


3)What time is the party?


4)What are they going to do that day?


5)Who is the sender?



G) Match the words with the Turkish meanings (10pts.)





                B.İyi geçinmek

3.Back up





                E.Kendini beğenmiş


                F. Rahat




                H.Yatıya kalmak



10.Get on well



H) Choose and circle the correct option. Doğru seçeneği yuvarlak içine alınız. 10 pts

1. I usually / never drink milk. I don’t like it.

2. We always / rarely have breakfast because mom says ‘you must have breakfast.’

3. They sometimes / usually play online games. They don’t have internet at home.

4. Kamil never / always gets up early in the morning because he goes to school.

5. My family and I often / hardly ever visit my grandparents. We visit them every week.


Put the words in the correct order. Sıralayın. 10 pts


J) Write about your likes, dislikes, preferences about clothes, music or favorite day.5 sentence 10pts

             -use I think, like, prefer, casual , trendy, pop, rap , sunday

Author: Erdem OVAT