inventors and explorers

inventors and explorers



Answer the questions.

  1. Do you know these people?     
  2. Who are they ?
  3. What do you know about them?


Neil Armstrong was the first  explorer on the moon .He explored the Moon in 1969. His exploration was very important for him. Because Neil Armstrong was the first man to step on the moon and he said :     “ That’s one small step for (a) man ; one giant leap for mankind.”



What did these people do  for us ? Let’s read and learn.          

Christopher Colombus  was an discoverer.

He discovered America in 1492.

With his discovery  the new world was revealed.


Thomas Edison was one of  the world’s greatest inventor.

He had 1.093 inventions.

He invented the light bulb .


explorer (n)

explore (v)

invent  (v)

inventor  (n)

invention (n)

exploration (n)

discover (v)

discoverer (n)

discovery (n)

Look at the sentences and answer the  questions.Neil Armstrong  explored the moon in 1969.Christopher  Colombus discovered America in 1492.

Thomas Edison  invented  the light bulb.

The  highlighted   regular verbs / irregular verbs verbs are       

We use simple present tense /    simple past tense  in these sentences.                                        .

 We  add      nothing / edin to the end of regular verbs to make Simple Past Tense.

Hi. I’m Peter . I want to learn something about inventors and explorers. Can you help me  please?


Choose one of the dialogues below. Talk to Peter about  these inventors and explorers.

Peter  :   Do you know Sir Admund Hillary?

You : No, I don’t know him. Who is he?

Peter : He was an explorer. He  explored the Mt. Everest . 

Peter  : Do you know Baron von Drais

You :  Yes, I know him. He was an inventor.

Peter : What did he invent?

You :  He invented the bicycle

Peter  : Do you know Evangelista Toricelli?

You : No, I don’t know him. Who is she?

Peter :  She was an inventor. She invented the barometer.

Peter : Do you know Johannes Gutenberg?

You : Yes, I know him. He was an inventor.

Peter :  What did he invent?

You :  He invented the printing press .


Peter : Do you know Marie Curie?

You : Yes, I know her . She was a discoverer.

Peter : What did she discover ?

You :She discovered the radium.

Peter : Do you know Robert Peary ?

You : No, I don’t know him . Who is he?

            : He was an explorer. He explored the Arctic.Peter

Author: Erdem OVAT

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